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Goodnow Farms Chocolate

Goodnow Farms - El Carmen Coffee Crunch - Chocolate Bar

Goodnow Farms - El Carmen Coffee Crunch - Chocolate Bar

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To craft this bar we start with our directly sourced El Carmen cacao beans, and add directly sourced coffee from El Recreo Roasterie in West Roxbury.  The owners of El Recreo, husband and wife team Hector and Miriam Morales, import all their Arabica coffee beans directly from their family farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua and roast the beans themselves.

We use their Light Roast Estate Premium coffee for this bar.  We coarsely grind the beans and then add them directly to our tempering machine, which allows the small pieces of the coffee beans to mix evenly with the chocolate, ensuring consistent flavor with each bite.  Although the chocolate is smooth the bits of coffee bean give a satisfying coffee crunch.

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